Voice-Over Demo Reels

Below you will find six demo reels showcasing my various voice-over abilities. They include a few for commercials, corporate narration, e-learning and explainers. I believe these reels enable the listener to hear my versatility as a voice talent. Everything from light and humorous, to more serious and authoritative type reads. Four of my demos were recorded in my home studio, then produced by the award winning J. Michael Collins. The other two demos were done in Vermont when I attended Such A Voice. Thanks for listening!

Light and Humorous Commercial Demo

Straight Forward Commercial Demo

Documentary Style and Serious Commercial Demo

Corporate Narration Demo

E-Learning Demo

Explainer Demo

Client Samples 

My client list has been growing steadily over the years, and continues to do so. Click here to listen.


As everyone in the voice over business knows, you must have excellent audio quality to compete. Click here for details on my home studio.


I have had a wide variety of voice training stemming from my numerous types of work over the years. Click here to learn more about my voice-over education.

Voice-Over Artist / On-Camera Talent