March 31, 2015

Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell

Looking back, I had quite a remarkable childhood. Too bad I wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate it. I grew up in Malibu, California. My father was a screenwriter and had some very successful shows such as “Hogan’s Heroes“, so he was able to afford a house on the beach. Now as an adult, when I return to the spot we lived, I think to myself “ Wow, how lucky were we?.”

Malibu is home to many celebrities, and I went to school with some including: Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe, Sean Penn, and several others. Growing up in such a show business environment gave me the acting bug. So after college, I tried my hand at it. I did some bit parts in both film and television.

I then decided to focus full attention on my field of study: Broadcast Journalism. After a few years of working at some Los Angeles cable television stations, I received my first affiliate job as a morning anchor in Savannah, Georgia. I then went on to anchor and report in Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Mo. and finally Wichita, Kansas. I have been in Wichita since 2004.

I worked in news in Wichita full time until early 2010. My wife and I bought a business, and I decided to leave news and devote myself to our new adventure. Since that time, I have launched another full time business. On the side, I do voice over, and on camera work for commercials and other projects.

I really enjoy living in Wichita. It is a great place to raise a family. My beautiful wife Jennifer and I have two children. I also have three “adopted” sons who I met through the Big Brother program several years ago while living in Kansas City.